The Big List 2020

Every year for the past few I’ve tried to keep a list of every video game I had played, or completed during that time. This year I am going to take this notion a little bit further and track every game, book, TV show, or movie I start, and/or finish. The Big List has got that little bit bigger.

In Progress:

Pokémon Go (iOS)The Mandalorian S1Star Wars [2020-Present]
Destiny 2 [XBO]Star Wars: Darth Vader [2020-Present]
Dragon Quest [Switch]Tracking the Chupacabra
Rusty Pup (iOS)


The Witcher: Wild Hunt (Switch)Manhunt: Unabomber
Outer Worlds (Xbox One)
Dragon Quest XI S
Pokémon Sword (Online)
Tetris 99
DOOM [1993] (Switch)
Sekiro (Xbox)
FIFA 20 (Xbox)


Metro: Last Light [XBO] (March)The Sinner S2 (Dec)Star Wars: Kylo Ren [2019-2020] (March)Wonder Woman (Feb)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [3DS] (March)The Witcher S1 (Jan)Star Wars: The Last Jedi [Marvel] (April)Spectre 007 (March)
Locke & Key S1 (March)Empire of Dreams (April)
Criminal UK S1 (March)
Castlevania S2 (March)
Clone Wars S1 (March)
Steamboat Mickey (March)
For the Birds (March)