I know, I know. You were promised more stuff, and it never came, again. Now I am here telling you there is stuff happening, again. And there you are thinking, here we go again, again. Seriously though, here is a little update on what I am up to and what to expect in the near... Continue Reading →

Well, here we are again. There hasn't been a post on the site in months, and I'm writing an update to tell you that is about to change, the difference is that this time I have a plan.  When I say there is a plan, a rough idea of the kind of stuff I want... Continue Reading →

It is time for our semi-regular post in which we will keep you up to date on anything exciting happening on our end, as well as letting you know what games we have been and will be playing. Basically, it is a little update post. So without further ado, here is a little something for... Continue Reading →

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