What does your perfect night with a video game consist of?

In the past week we “celebrated” (🎉) Video Game Day, and while nobody really cared it got me thinking about how I enjoy video games. It became clear pretty quickly that I have an ideal way I like to partake in my favourite past time, and for no particular reason, apart from self-indulgence, I’m going to tell you what that is. First, the time of day is significant. While I enjoy jumping into quick, often multiplayer, easy to play games during the day, if I am going to settle into one of my favoured long play sessions, it has to be in the evening. There is just something about being able to bed in, knowing you have nowhere to be and just spend time getting lost in another world. In the evening, for me at least, there are fewer distractions, and my focus can be purely on the game.

Playing in the evening means that there is more control over the lighting in whatever room I’m playing in, and I find that lighting is essential. Some people prefer to play in darkness, but that is not for me. After a while of playing in the dark I find my eyes starting to strain, what I’m after is a warm glow, not quite bright enough to read a book, but not dark enough to fall asleep. Usually, I light a scented candle, strip fairy lights I have running around the room, and, before the bulb blew, my lava lamp. If it was possible, and this is a dream for the future, I’d maybe have a wee fire burning. You get the picture though, dim lighting just makes me feel cosy and helps put me in the right mindset to settle in for a long play session.

Once the lighting is right, it is time to start thinking about snacks and drinks, because when I am settled the last thing I want to do is have to get up and break the moment. When it comes to food, I have a few different combinations I like. Pizza is always a good shout because it is not food that needs to be rushed. Pizza is good hot, pizza is just as good cold. It can be tackled slice at a time and is easy to eat during a cutscene or in between matches. What goes well with pizza? A nice cold glass of cola, that’s what. The only problem is that once you get through it, you’ll have to get another drink once a drouth kicks in. My way around this is to also pour a glass of iced water because even if it is hours before you take a sip, it is still lovely and cool.


When playing retro games, a proper set-up is a must.


My second go to is a nice freshly made sandwich, perfect to pick up and take a bite during loading screens and such, much like pizza. Basically, anything that is quickly picked up and put back down is perfect. With a sandwich, a nice warm cup of tea is a must, though. Again, the iced water backup is necessary, because that tea has to be drunk quick enough that it doesn’t go cold. Also, a sandwich mightn’t be enough to get through a particularly lengthy session, so a big bag of crisps is preferential. At the minute in all over Hippeas barbeque flavour. They are the jam.

Temperature is critical too, I like it to be nice and cosy. Warm enough that I can wear shorts even in the winter. Long trousers while gaming is for chumps. Lastly, if I’m playing a retro game, it has to be on the original hardware. I just like it. I’m currently playing through The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time again, for example, and I’ve busted out my N64 and old TV.

That is basically it, my perfect night of gaming. What do you think? Anything I could add too further enhance the experience? What are your favourite accompaniments for a gaming session? Let me know either in the comments below or on our Twitter.





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