What do you do while the game you are waiting to play updates?​

Back when I was a kid, it was my mum trailing me from shop to shop that kept me from playing a brand new game I’d purchased on the same trip, not instal times and updates. After that, it was the 45-minute car trip home, but back then we had the manual to keep us ticking over, long gone are those days. So, my question to you is what do you do while waiting for your games to update?

Some people just give up and move onto something else, I have to admit that Rocket League is where I usually end up in this case. Maybe these forced breaks in gaming are a good time to catch up on something else though? Podcasts are always an excellent way to kill some time, I even play less story focused games while listening to them at times. They don’t keep your hands occupied though, and sometimes this leads to the mind continually drifting back to what it was you wished you were doing, and this can lead to frustration.

Sometimes when I plugged a cartridge into my N64, it wouldn’t work immediately. Blowing into the cartridge is a thing from my childhood that I’ll never forget, I sometimes miss it. At least it felt like there was something I could do to get me playing, where with updates it feels like the waiting game is the only option.

What I’m looking for is something I can do that is productive and enjoyable, but won’t draw my attention away from my end goal – to play that video game that is only 33% updated. I need some suggestions, that is one of three reasons why I’m reaching out here.  The other two? Well, I haven’t posted anything here in months, and Destiny 2 is updating, and I needed something to do, and I thought this might be the solution. It sort of worked.

So, hit me with your suggestions in either the comments below or tweet me @thebulbgames. I look forward to hearing how you speed up the wait…

…nobody is going to reply, though. Are they? Please respond, I really need help.


2 thoughts on “What do you do while the game you are waiting to play updates?​

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  1. You could watch one of your recommendations on Youtube, or play another game(something on your phone or handheld device), temporarily.


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