Facts and thoughts that spawned from The Big List ’17

I kept a list of every game I played or went on to complete in 2017. Sorry, if that came across as a little exasperated it is because I’ve written it into every post I’ve drafted this week. It’s just, in trying to breathe a bit of life back into this blog, the only thing I really have to talk about right now is that god damn list. Here are some random facts and thoughts, presented horribly, that came out of keeping it.

How many games did you play?

55 games in total. To be honest, I expected this number to be higher, and I’d certainly like to play more than that in the year ahead.

How many of those games did you finish?

If I was disappointed in how many games I played, the number that I actually completed left me mortified. Out of the 55 played, I only finished 14. This is down to two reasons: 1. A lack of focus, and 2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I did finish two out of three Dark Souls games though. I’m happy about that.

How many platforms?

Eight platforms in total. Two retro, two last-gen and four current-gen (if you count the 3DS which is still pretty active). Those consoles are; Xbox One, Game Boy Colour, Nintendo 64, iOS, Wii U, 3DS, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Switch.

How many from each platform?

Xbox One: 21

Nintendo Switch: 15

iOS: 10

3DS: 4

Game Boy Colour: 2

Wii U: 1

Xbox 360: 1

Nintendo 64: 1

What I learned from keeping this list & what I’d like to improve upon?

Plenty. That I need to not only play more games but finish more. I didn’t leave so many games unfinished because I didn’t enjoy them, it was down to procrastinating for virtually an entire year. I also learnt that iOS is a platform that I am playing more and more on. I also learned that I need to play more retro games and thanks to my girlfriend getting me an old-school TV for Christmas, that’ll be much easier.

Am I keeping another Big List this year?

I sure am, and actually, it just went live so you can find out what games I’m starting the year with right now. Just follow this link to The Big List 2018.

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