I know, I know. You were promised more stuff, and it never came, again. Now I am here telling you there is stuff happening, again. And there you are thinking, here we go again, again. Seriously though, here is a little update on what I am up to and what to expect in the near future.

So, it has been a struggle for me to actually sit down and focus on TheBulbGames this year, and that was relatively unexpected. There has been plenty of time, just not the want or desire to create on my side. As well as that, I had been going up against a video game rut of epic proportions until very recently. I needed a few months to just immerse myself in video games and fall back in love with them.

Though there has been nothing going up on the blog that does not mean I haven’t been thinking about it. What I had been trying to do wasn’t working, forcing myself to write, but now I feel like I am in a much better place and ready to rock. So, below I have listed a few of the things you can expect from me in the coming months.

– Myths, Monsters & Thumbsticks –

First, I am starting a written series that will focus on the real-life myths and legends that inspire some of our favourite video game worlds. Looking into the history and going deep down the rabbit hole on some of my beloved monsters really excites me.

All of these articles won’t be based on fact, sometimes I might just follow in-game lore to help me better understand a character, place or story.

– The Backlog –

I don’t keep up with the video game hype train. Some people need to get the latest big release as soon as it goes live, to race to the finish line and be one of the first to cross it, but that is not me. I slowly plod through games, soaking in every detail. It doesn’t matter when it was released, I play a game when I feel like it. Because of this, there is a massive backlog of games sitting on my backburner.

So, The Backlog will be a Let’s Play series wherein I’ll be ticking some of these games off the list. At the end of each video series, there will be a written retrospective of my time with the game, going into what I thought of the experience.

– Worth Reading | Worth Watching –

Every month I will curate a list of interesting articles and videos that I’ve read or watched around the internet. Yeah, it will be mostly video game related, but a few other nerdy links might just slip on there too.

As well as all that I hope to write a few features and news stories here and there, I won’t be overloading myself, just keeping it cool and focusing on the three features above until I’m comfortable and feel I can take on more. I’m looking forward to getting creative again and hope you will enjoy what I come up with.

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