So you’ve lost your passion for video games? Here is one way of getting over your gaming rut

Don’t worry; everyone goes through them, a period in which the breaks are firmly slammed on your favourite pastime. Let me guess, you can’t decide on what to play and once you do you can’t stick with it? You derive very little, if any, pleasure from the experience? Your backlog of games builds and builds, and you end up playing countless matches of Fifa or Rocket League because it is easier than trying to invest yourself into a 30-40 hour story? Look, I’ve been there, and I think I’d be safe in saying that so have most. I’m here to offer you a solution.

Gamers today are only just coming to terms with the fact that it is no longer possible to play every game released, that it is necessary to be a little more selective. There is a colossal tidal wave of media heading your consoles direction daily, enough to wash away any hope you may harbour of playing anywhere near every release. Hell, even if you only play triple-A games there will be a struggle to wade through them all to completion.

I suffer from a gaming rut at least once a year. It can go on for months and months before I can finally sit down and sink my teeth into something, this year was the worst yet. My backlog had become so huge that I had no idea where to start, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. What I have done is quite simple and seems to have finally pulled me out of my rut, I’m here to share my method with you, in the hope it will help another poor soul busting to enjoy video games again.

So, without any further ado here is a step by step of how to beat your gaming rut, maybe…

1) Take the time to write down every game in your backlog. It might seem daunting at first, but when you start crossing the completed games off, it becomes very satisfying. Having a physical representation of your progress is nice.

2) Once the list is made number every game, don’t worry about any particular order, just keep it a simple one to whatever. It will become clear why you’re doing this in the next step.

3) Ask a loved one, colleague, random passer by or whoever to pick a number between your selected one to whatever. Now you just have to check which game on your list corresponds to the number and there you go, that is the game you will be playing. Now we move on to the most important step.

4) This one is the toughest; you must stick with the chosen game. Get to end and cross it off, and this will hopefully begin your journey of recovering your passion for video games.

5) Rinse and repeat.

And there you go, I’m not saying that this is a sure fire method, it just helped me. Hopefully, if you’re stuck in this same situation, someday you’ll remember reading this and give it a try. I can’t promise you’ll never fall into another gaming rut, but I can guarantee that if you start crossing games of that list, you will feel a sense of satisfaction that will only grow as your backlog diminishes. I hope these steps will be a help to someone, enjoy your gaming.

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