Five excellent gaming YouTube channels you might just enjoy

If you like to put your feet up, make a nice cup of tea and stick on a few gaming related videos when you get home from work or school, there sure is an overwhelming amount of choice. Well, never fear, we are here to thin the herd and let you know which of our favourites we think you may just enjoy too. So, without further ado and in alphabetical order, here is the list.

Cool Ghosts

Matt Lees and Quentin Smith just have a way with words and a great understanding of video games. There aren’t too many around that can break down what makes a game great as well as they do with Cool Ghosts. Often their videos help me understand just what I find appealing about the games I enjoy, and not only that, it doesn’t hurt that they do so with a great sense of humour.

Each video Cool Ghosts post is very well written and produced, as well as their main series “Best game ever” they post a little side video to go along with it which isn’t scripted, and offer a different vibe. If podcasts are more your thing, you can find the lads, often with a guest, doing their Daft Souls podcast here.

Game Makers Toolkit

There has not been one video posted to this channel that I haven’t found interesting. Mark Brown explores what makes video games tick, whether that is taking a close look at how Mario’s jump changes from game-to-game or how Shovel Knight nails nostalgia. Game Makers Toolkit has taught me a lot about the mechanical side of video games, and what it actually is that makes me love this hobby of mine.

He also has a side series called Boss Keys that explores how each title in The Legend of Zelda series approaches its creation of dungeons. Who doesn’t love Zelda, am I right?!


A rather recent entry to the YouTube scene, but don’t let that put you off. Danny O’Dwyer is an industry veteran and has always been a producer of high-quality content. With NoClip he has stepped away from traditional gaming media and can now create the content he wants when he wants. What is Noclip exactly? A channel that produces high-quality documentaries. This is what Danny promised at the launch of the channel:

Finely crafted features about the biggest upcoming games. Heartfelt interviews with the people behind your favorite childhood classics. Documentaries that tell stories that would otherwise never be told.

They have only finished a few documentaries at the time of writing, so now is an excellent opportunity to catch up and go along for the journey.

Other Places

It saddens me to say that Other Places is actually finished, but if you have never watched the series, I implore you to do so. Editor of PC Gamer, Andy Kelly, gives an unnarrated look at the beauty that can be found in the worlds created by game developers. Long shots of the cities, locales and beautiful scenery found within games, filmed with a masterful eye is what you’ll find in Other Places videos. It’s something a little bit different.

After saying that he was done with Other Places, Andy did post one more video, so maybe there is some hope of this fantastic series rising from the flames again. Even a few specials would do, please Andy, please.

The Gaming Historian

Do you love documentaries, retro games and the history of the industry? Well, then the chances are that The Gaming Historian will be right up your street. Not only does the channel feature looks at the creation of some iconic games, but consoles – both widely known and not so – and the industry as a whole.

Norman Caruso, the channels creator, has made documentaries about the creation of the ESRB, about that time that Nintendo bought into a baseball team and much more topics that you may know little about. I have learnt a lot about hybrid consoles, – such as Panasonic’s take on the Gamecube – games I love, and the industry as a whole from this channel. I hope you’ll take my word and watch it too because it really is brilliant.

So there we go, I hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of the channels listed, I know I have. If there are any other channels out there that you think I’d enjoy, please reach out to me on our Twitter profile or in the comments below. I’m always up for watching new things.

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