It is time for our semi-regular post in which we will keep you up to date on anything exciting happening on our end, as well as letting you know what games we have been and will be playing. Basically, it is a little update post. So without further ado, here is a little something for the weekend. 


After my grand optimism, and the promise of keeping a regular posting routine, in my new year’s resolution post it seems like not much has gone on with TheBulbGames. I can assure you that this is not the case, behind the scenes I am beavering away and getting much closer to posting both some written and some video stuff. Yes, I may have jumped the gun a little on bringing the blog back online, but hey, live and learn. Make sure to follow our twitter account as it will be your quickest way of finding out when stuff starts to go live.

With that little bit of housekeeping out of the way, it is time to talk about video games. After coming home from work over the last few weeks, I have been diving into Tom Clancy’s The Division. Arriving pretty late to the party I have been mainly playing it solo, as such my experience is probably quite different to most. Methodically making my way through the ruin of New York City has been a cathartic experience. There is just something very satisfying about clearing a packed map of its little icons. The gloomy, doom stricken tone is right up my street, and I find myself getting sucked in for hours, hunting any piece of intel that gives even the slightest incite into the lives of the people living through the disaster of this epidemic. I have barely scratched the surface of things to do, so over the weekend and throughout the next weeks, I can see myself putting a lot more time into this one.

I also want to replay and dive deeper into Accidental Queens, A Normal Lost Phone for review. Phone simulators are a genre I was completely unaware of, but I found this one to be genuinely enthralling. The premise is, you have found a lost phone and are trying to figure out anything you can about its owner, Sam. The interface is excellent, it actually tricks you into believing you are rooting through someone else’s phone. As I trawled through Sam’s text messages and emails, slowly unlocking the phone’s secrets with light puzzle solving, I began to feel more and more uneasy at the idea of hoking through this person private messages. I had to convince myself I was doing it for the right reasons, which was difficult at times.

As well as these two I’ve been slowly chipping away at, and very much enjoying my tropical adventure to Alola in Pokémon Moon, so I’ll probably sink a bit more time into that. I’m also back into playing a few games of Rocket League most nights, it’s the game that just doesn’t grow old.

So, that is what I will be playing over the weekend. I hope you have a good one and manage to get some gaming time in. Enjoy your weekend.


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